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We Build to Order With Only the Freshest Flowers

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Since 1995

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Why Choose Us

Experienced Teachers

The number one reason to consider studying music at The Urban Raga is the instructors who are patient, experienced teachers, inspiring, motivating mentors, professional performers and musicians who love to play music.

Friendly and Encouraging

Besides, the environment, friendly and encouraging ‘exam atmosphere’ which is fun filled as well as professional. International certification, tie-up with Royal School of Music London and Trinity School of Music London. 

Highlights of Urbanraga

International Certification, Course Collaboration with Associate Board of Royal School of Music London (ABRSM), LCM and Rock School of Music London.proper structured music lessons, giving chance to students to perform in concerts are other reasons. Urban Raga is also a part of Western Classical Music forum for Teachers and many cultural activities, workshops, concerts are organized

Our Home Garden

About the founder-director

Bidyut Chakrabarty is a musician (piano, keyboard and tabla player), music educator and founder and director of Urban Raga. He received training in music at a very young age in vocal, tabla and piano and per- formed at several functions, stage shows, concerts as well TV shows. He is associated with many cultural activities and organized several campus, social and cultural events to promote music and arts.

Bidyut Chakrabarty

Bidyut Chakrabarty

Director of Urban Raga.

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Mamun Shikdar

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