Classical and Light Music on flute, key flute with Music Theory


  • Teaches      :  Beginner to Advanced 
  • Language  :  English, Hindi & Marathi

About Me:

I have been teaching Flute Keyflute and Saxophone for 3 years, Some of my students have continued to advance their music education locally or Abroad. I am able to teach the lesson in English, Hindi and Marathi. I enjoy teaching students of all ages and all levels, It gives me great satisfaction to see the improvement in my student.


  • I have learned classical music near my Grandfather and I am learning flute right now near ParasnathJi in Mumbai.
  • I have also been State level winner in 2017 for the Classical Flute competition.
  • A few of my students are selected in Navy Musician and some of the students are Professional Artist.
    • For younger and beginner students, I try to build a strong foundation through technical work. For more advanced students, I will help them improve their understanding of the music and their tone quality.
    • It is important for students to enjoy playing the Flute and Key flute, so my students will work on some mandatory pieces as well as works of their choice.
    • Once your finger movement is set, developed a rhythm sense, and your sight-read well, you will enjoy music and start playing songs. It takes 6 months to understand the basics of music. To complete a total of 6 levels.
    • I follow Bananas Gharana and prepare students for Visharad. After completion of Visharad, you get a certificate from Gandharva University.
    Free 20 minutes demo lesson / Interview 
    Time/ Duration 1 hour session/ once a week. (4 classes a month)
    1 Hour Group Class
    30 mins Individual Class
    Teaches Beginner to Advanced
    Language English, Hindi & Marati
    Registration fee  Rs.1500/-
    ​Course fee   Rs.2500/month
    ​quarterly payment  Rs.7500/-

    About Us

    Our music school was founded in 2008 to help people of all ages from all over the state to pursue their dream of becoming musicians

    Contact Us



       : +91   7795349578

       :  #998 1, 3rd Cross Rd,  HRBR   Layout 1st   Block, HRBR Layout, Kalyan Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka  560043


    About Us

    Our Music School Was Founded in 2008 to help people all ages from all over the state to pursue their dream of becoming musicians

    Contact US


       :  +91 7795349578

    :   #998 1, 3rd Cross, 1st  Block,

            HRBR Layout, Kalyan Nagar,                              Bengaluru, Karnataka  560043