Exceeding Expectations

Sanjukta Bhatta got interest in music from her childhood as she grew up in a family full of musical culture in a Subarub city of Calcutta. Encouraged by her mother she started taking her lesson at the age of 5years in vocal music from her Aunt who was a famous vocal singer in her locality. She used to participate in all community functions and was always a star performer in the various musical functions held by school and community. 

Her hard work , love for music and bonding with her students has enabled all her students to secure Distinction in the last years Vocal Music examination held under Chadigargh Board.

Specialised Features:

  • Specialised Courses taught by our Faculty Member.

  • Audition is must.

  • Performed in Group Classes.

  • Lots of Events and Recitals for live on-stage experience.

  • Registration Fee: 1500

  • Course Fee : Rs. 2500/-

  • Payment quarterly

  • Time/ Duration: 1 hours session/ once a week. (4 classes a month)

  • Schedule:

  • Sunday (5 pm to / to / to